Sunday, February 28, 2010

Port Melbourne seemed impossible there for a while, but after 6 months of struggle I finally made it to Port Melbourne on my bike again. It was really hard cause we had head wind, but when something is hard the rewards are bigger too. So even though it was shitty weather, windy, overcast and spitting it was a great ride. My hip feels better, not sure whether the swimming is helping with the pain or if it's just luck, but I am taking advantage of it. Let's just say that this weekend was really nice especially in anticipation of the move! God help me next weekend. Will probably be disconnected, with no internet for a am I going to survive without it??

Bueno...parecia imposible pero despues de 6 meses finalmente hoy llegue a Port Melbourne en la bice otra vez. Fue re dificil, con viento en contra, pero cuando algo cuesta tanto la recompensa es mas grande tambien. Asique aunque tuvimos un tiempo de mierda, ventoso, nublado y con llovizna fue linda pedaleada. Mi cadera esta mejor, no estoy segura si es porque nadar me esta ayudando o si es simplemente una cuestion de suerte pero yo aprovecho. Digamos que este fin de semana fue re lindo especialmente en anticipacion del kilombo de la mudanza que se viene el proximo fin de semana. Probablemente voy a estar desconctada por unos se como sobrevivire sin internet.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yerba Mate at last

Casa Iberica, located in Johnston Street in Fitzroy is the best place to have a big pig out latin american style. It's like a milkbar but its shelves are full of stuff from places all over South America, Spain and Portugal. When you walk in the aromas of chorizos and spices fill your nostrils and I am immediately sent back to "el almacen" where I grew up. There is a little bit of everything for all tastes. The hams and dried and raw chorizos are to die for. When I buy a red chorizo and bring it home I don't eat it straight away I just smell it for a while with my eyes closed. It is just amazing how the sense of smell takes you back to memories that have been dormant. There is also a great variety of sweets that are really delicious, such as 'alfajores' (a yo-yo style biscuit with caramel in the centre), dulce de leche (toffee-caramel spread) and membrillo (quince jam). This is also where I buy my Argentinian tea "mate". I have been very scarce of mate lately so today I bought 1 1/2 kilos. Mate is a really interesting concept that I will explain some other to enjoy the sweets.

Casa Iberica en la calle Johnston en Fitzroy es el mejor lugar para cerdear al mejor estilo latinoamericano. Es como un almacen pero lleno de mercaderia de sud-america y Espana y Portugal. Cuando entras los aromas a chorizos y especias te llenan la nariz e inmediatamente siento que estoy de vuelta en el almacen de Antonio donde me crie. Cuando compro un chorizo colorado y lo traigo a casa no lo como inmediatamente. Es toda una ceremonia, abro el papel y lo huelo, con mis ojos cerrados por un buen tiempo hasta que despierta muchos recuerdos que han estado dormidos. Tambien venden cosas dulces riquisimas como alfajores, dulce de leche (esperando por la serenisima pero nunca viene) y membrillo. Aca tambien compro yerba, ultimamente estaba escaceando en casa asique compre 3 paquetes para que me duren un tiempo, asique ahora me voy a disfrutar lo que compre.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Water Cool and Cleansing

Finally the day I waited for all week arrived and I found myself driving along the Great Ocean Road towards my dream town of Lorne. It was so hot that it couldn't have been more perfect for what I had in mind. Upon arrival we went for a walk along the main road and as usual found some interesting stuff to look at. I took some photos and we had an ice-cream at our favourite ice-cream place: vanilla, chocolate and white chocolate & macadamia...yummy! Ice-cream that tastes like the flavour implies is not easy to come this place they really do, the flavours are rich and non-artificial.
The moment I hit the beach it was heaven. The sand was warm, the sun was hot, the water was cool and cleansing. How easy it is to be happy...all I need is the ocean, the hills, the sun and the sand. The waves were few and non threatening, just relaxing. Floating on the water the waves simply swayed me gently and easily...I wanted to stay there forever. All the tension went away, I don't recall a single care (D.C.F.C). As I walked out of the ocean I remember thinking how the ocean doesn't want me to leave makes me pull hard with every step that I take out, the water drags beneath and around me, the sand whirls trapping my feet below and ever step is an effort. There is a special kind of synergy between the ocean and me...

Finalmente el dia que espere toda la semana llego y me encontre de golpe manejando por la Gran Ruta Oceanica hacia mi pueblo de suenos Lorne. Hacia tanto calor que el dia no pudo ser mas perfecto para lo que tenia en mente. Cuando llegamos nos hicimos una caminata por la calle principal y como siempre encontramos cosas interesantes para mirar. Saque algunas fotos y tomamos un helado en mi heladeria favorita donde los gustos realmente tienen gusto a los nombres: vainilla, chocolate y chocolate blanco con macadamia.
Desde el momento que pise la playa, fue el cielo. La arena estaba calida, el sol caliente y el agua fria y purificadora. Que facil es ser feliz...todo lo que necesito es el oceano, arena, sol y morros. Las olas eran pocas y no amenzantes, solo relajantes. Flotando sobre las olas el agua me mecia suavemente...queria quedarme ahi para siempre. Toda la tension desaparecio, no recuerdo una simple preocupacion. Mientras salia del agua, recuerdo pensar como el oceano no quiere que me vaya hace empujar con cada paso, el agua me arrastra por debajo y alrededor, la arena se atorbellina atrapando mis pies por debajo y cada paso es un esfuerzo. Hay una synergia especial entre el mar y yo...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally the day is here

I feel so excited that occasionally I become aware of my own gestures and realise that I have been smiling all night. Look at me, it's past midnight and I have been up since 5.45 am and still awake and's just that tomorrow we're going to Lorne and I have been dreaming about this trip all week. I would close my eyes and see myself driving there where those cars can be seen in the image above. I got through this week thinking of this moment. I sent my mind to this place during the week and that is how I survived it. I will go to bed now happy and hoping for the alarm clock to ring.

Estoy tan contenta que de pronto me doy cuenta que mi gesto ha sido una sonrisa permanente. Mirenme, es mas de medianoche, hoy me levante a las 5.45 am y todavia estoy levantada y que manana nos vamos a Lorne y he estado sonando con este viaje toda la semana. Cerraba mis ojos y me veia a mi misma manejando por ahi por donde se ven esos autos en la imagen arriba. Esta semana la atravese pensando en este momento. Mande mi mente a este lugar durante la semana y asi es como la sobrevivi. Me voy a la cama ahora contenta y esperando por el sonido del despertador.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picking Up

I seem to have been through a funk. I don't really know what went on or if it is even over. For days on end I would get up and feel tired. No energy full stop. No mental energy, no thoughts forming, no desire to do anything, eat or move. No physical energy either, just lethargy in huge amounts. My brain compensated by searching around the various rooms for places where my body could lay down and my body would beg my brain to shut down. So it was very tricky getting around, performing simple tasks such as getting dressed, going to work or cooking a meal. I would fall asleep anywhere I sat and at anytime. You must think I could have perhaps just go along with it and just rest...after all my body asked me for it, but I could not really find a reason for it. Yes I get up early, yes I work hard, yes I am stressed...but isn't everyone? I am not the type of person who can just do nothing, or who can comfortably nap for an hour or two. I just hate feeling this way. I consider the typical excuses: the weather, not enough sleep, low iron, stress, too busy and all of the above. Still the way I felt...not normal. It wasn't just tired, it was beyond that. I just wanted to shut down.
Pushed by my husband last Monday afternoon, I decided that I had to try something and stop sulking. So I listened to him and jump on my bike, went to the park across the road and rode. Every muscle pleaded for me to stop. I couldn't complete a whole turn on the was horror...but then something happened...I felt the breeze in my face. It felt so nice...I saw my surroundings like it was the first time in years and I felt nostalgia.
Before I started working at Before School Care I used to get up at 6 and go to this park for 1 hour walk every day. I remember I felt much more alive and vibrant and energetic and it just made me despise how I am feeling now. I came home still feeling like shit, tired and all, but knowing that change needs to happen. Not sure how I am going to accomplish the hard work ahead, but I will endeavour to try helping myself. Making some small adjustments first......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine

For those of you who don't know who Eduard is, don't worry, but you should know who Buffy is and if you do chances are you also know why she's killed Eduard. A great Valentine's present from my husband. Today I felt so bad...since the moment I got up till the moment I started writing this all I wanted to do was sleep. Have zero energy and pains everywhere. We were going to spend Valentine's Day in Lorne, but the weather forecasted rain, thunder and gale winds...just nothing worst. So we decided to stay home. In the afternoon we went to Bourke Road and enjoyed a drink and a browse through the many books of Borders. I think that when I get some time up my sleeve I will start reading a book on Australian History. If anyone out there know of any good book to recommend please do so. I have no idea what to start with. The day concluded with the purchase of this awesome t-shirt which I think it sums up what I wanted to say from some time now about Twilight.

Para aquellos que no saben quien es Eduard, no se preocupen, pero si deberian saber quien es Buffy y si ya saben quien es Buffy las chances son altas de que sepan porque mato a Eduard con una estaca. Un regalo de San Valentin espectacular hecho por mi marido. Hoy me senti tan pero tan mal que desde el momento que me levante hasta el momento que empeze a escribir esto lo unico que quise hacer fue dormir. Tengo energia cero y dolores en todos lados. Ibamos a pasar el dia en Lorne, pero anunciaron lluvia, truenos y vientos fuertes...nada mas? Asique decidimos quedarnos en casa. A la tarde fuimos a Bourke Road y tomamos una bebida y miramos libros en Borders. Creo que cuando tenga algo de tiempo voy a leer algo sobre la historia de Australia. Si alguien sabe de algun libro para recomendar por favor haganlo. No tengo idea de por donde empezar. El dia concluyo con la compra de esta remera fabulosa la cual creo sumariza un poco lo que queria decir desde hace un tiempo sobre Twilight.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feliz Cumple Simi

Feliz Cumple Simi. No puedo creer que ya estas tan grande. Me acuerdo como si hubiera sido ayer cuando te conoci por primera vez en el aeropuerto de Ezeiza. Espero que tengas una linda fiestita y un hermoso dia y que te diviertas mucho mucho. Te acordas cuando te agarraba a upita y te decia TE QUIERO y te estrujaba toda? Te mando dos estrujones, uno para cada anito de vida y pronito te van a llegar estos regalitos. TE QUIERO SIMI, Feliz CUMPLE!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back in the world

It seems somewhat stupid that we spent the last 2 and 1/2 weeks locked up in the house because we didn't have the car. I never thought it would affect me so much. On Friday we picked it up from the mechanics and brought it home. It looks really good now and we were just so happy to see it. We have grown so attached to this vehicle because it has taken us to so many places...It has been really difficult to live without it. Today we visited Borders on Bourke Road and had a nice drink. I chose to have an iced coffee..too hot to drink a hot one and we felt happy once again. Had I known the day was going to be this hot, perhaps we would have gone to Lorne. Who knows we may go next weekend. We are moving on the 7th of March. I am and am not looking forward to it at the same time. We are going back to the old neighbourhood.

Parece estupido que estuvimos encerrados por dos semanas y media porque no teniamos el auto. Nunca pense que me afectaria tanto (tantos anos me arregle sin vehiculo). El viernes lo fuimos a buscar y lo trajimos a casa. Quedo bien y estabamos muy contentos de verlo de vuelta. Estamos tan pegados a ese vehiculo porque nos ha llevado a tantos lugares. Ha sido re dificil vivir sin el. Hoy nos llevo a Borders en la Bourke Road y tomamos una linda bebida. Yo pedi un cafe helado, demasiado calor para algo caliente. Si hubiera sabido que iba a estar asi de caluroso tal vez hubiera planeado un viaje a Lorne. Quien sabe, tal vez el proximo finde. Nos mudamos el 7/3. Estoy y a la vez no estoy ansiosa de hacerlo. Volvemos al antiguo barrio, va a ser raro.
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