Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anton's 19th birthday

Los 19 de Anton los celebramos pasando un dia juntos y dandole muchos abrazos y palmaditas y todo lo que se nos ocurria darle ese dia. Como le puse en la tarjeta nunca ningun regalo parece suficiente, ya que el se merece el mundo entero. Mi hijo es el mejor hijo del mundo y verlo crecer tan rapido me da como nostalgia. Fue un dia lindo, empezo con regalitos, donuts y factura, despues salimos a pasear, merendamos en Choclatte y compramos otros regalitos y termino con fiesta en casa, torta y mini concierto de guitarra y violin. Hijo solo deseo que seas muy feliz, te mereces nada menos. Te amo!

We spent Anton's 19th birthday celebrating together giving him lots of cuddles and pats on the back and everything that we could think of to give him. Like I said in his card no gift is enough, he deserves the world. My son is the best son in the world and seeing him grow up so quickly makes me feel nostalgic. It was a very nice day, started with presents, donuts and pastries, followed by a trip to the shops, more presents, afternoon tea at Choclatte and ended up at home with dinner with friends, cousins and a mini guitar and violin concert. Son I only wish you happiness, you deserve nothing less. I love you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Too bright

My cats don't like the light in the morning. I must admit I feel like them when my alarm goes off and I realise it is time to get up. Oli is really funny because he only opens one eye, he likes the idea of being only half asleep (literally), but still see what is going on around him.
It was Felipe's birthday on Saturday and we forgot to celebrate so he will have to share Anton's birthday celebrations. Sorry Felipe your humans are too busy and are not being very good, but don't worry not long now before things start to change. We love you so much!

A mis gatos no les gusta la luz a la manana. Debo admitir que yo me siento como ellos cuando suena mi alarma y me doy cuenta que es hora de levantarse. Oli es re gracioso porque abre un ojo solo, le gusta la idea de seguir medio dormido, literalmente, pero todavia poder ver que es lo pasa a su alrededor.
Fue el cumple de Felipe el sabada y otra vez paso desapercibido, asique manana tendra que compartir la celebracion con su hermano Anton. Perdon Felipe tus humanos estan muy ocupados y no te estan dando mucha bola, pero no te preocupes que falta poquito para que las cosas empiecen a cambiar (para mejor). Te amamos tanto!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ethiopian Food

I have never had Ethiopian food before and I think I will never have it again. Not that the flavours weren't nice or interesting, it's more the way it was all so meaty and cooked like a puree. The meat dishes looked like meat puree, the pieces so small that it was almost like a paste with nothing more than three pieces of lettuce to accompany it.

The food was spicy and quite hot and there was no cutlery to eat with. The food came with this pancake like bread that you had to brake into pieces and use to pick your food up with it. I couldn't eat more than 4 mouthfuls and I was really sick of the intense flavour. I thought if at least there was some rice or vegetables to mix the flavours with then it wouldn't have been so bad, but there wasn't and the lettuce leaves were running out, so I got up washed my hands off the oily substance that impregnated them and considered the meal finished.

Father's Day

Father's Day last week, we accompanied Ricardo to Fitzroy Gardens to visit the possums that live there. They are so friendly that they would just come and sit next to us on the park bench. Anton could even pat them. They are so cute!!! On our walk we crossed a few nice buildings like St. Peter's Cathedral and Bionic Ear Lane...! What a name for a street. If you live there you have to be very quiet or everyone else will know what you are saying or doing. We ended the night at The Horn, an Ethiopian restaurant on Jhonston Street. I will write about this experience in my next blog entry.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A night of music

I nearly cried when I heard the first chords of the Amadeus film opening theme played by my son's orchestra on Saturday night. One of my favourite movies and my favoruite composer played by my beloved son. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end an otherwise dull day (only that Ricardo could have come).

The concert took place at a church and even though the view was hindered by big headed people (they always seem big headed when you are stuck behind their disproportioned heads trying to see at a dot in the distance) it had the right atmosphere for such sublime music. I enjoyed the concert but missed my husband who was unable to come as he was helping his sister move house.

I am feeling very emotional lately, tired, sick of it all and just struggling to make it to the finishing line. I better let my nails grow so they can hold me when I am falling. I think that November can't come soon enough.

Casi lloro anoche cuando escuche los primeros acordes del tema inicial de la pelicula Amadeus (Mozart, A.W.) tocados por la orchesta donde toca mi hijo. Una de mis peliculas favoritas, mi compositor favorito y tocada por mi hijo. No puedo pedir por una forma mejor de concluir un dia que de otra manera fue opaco (solo lo hubiera hecho mejor que Ricky pudiera venir).

El concierto fue en una iglesia y a pesar de que la vision fue obstruida por gente cabezona (siempre parecen cabezones cuando te sentas detras de otros y tratas de ver entre las medidas desproporcionadas un puntito un la distancia) tuvo la atmosfera perfecta para musica tan sublime. Disfrute el concierto pero extrane a mi marido que no pudo venir porque estaba ayudando a su hermana a mudarse.

Me siento muy emocional utlimamente, cansada, podrida de todo y simplemente peleando para llegar a la meta final. Mejor que me deje crecer las unas asi me sostienen cuando me este resbalando. Noviembre no pude llegar mas rapido...