Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grand Final Day

Grand Final Day in Melbourne usually means traffic-free roads for us to bike ride all the way to Port Melbourne. It is so good because there's nobody anywhere and it is so relaxing. Unfortunately the weather ruined it for us with a strong gusty wind bending the trees in my garden, whistling loudly as it went about blowing anything in its path. I tried staying outdoors testing the conditions, seeing whether I will withstand the ride in such awful circumstances. I cleaned my front porch, trimmed some dry leaves from the plants, swept the floor and then decided that it would not be a good idea to ride.
Instead we drove to Fitzroy along the empty freeway listening to Anton play "The Final Countdown" on the ukelele over and over and over just to annoy us. We parked easily and had a nice coffee at an empty cafe on Brunswick Road. On the way back I sang "The Final Countdown" over and over in my head (thanks Anton).Then came home cook some home made pizza and had guests for dinner. Now we have to wait another year of football to enjoy another Grand Final Day, Zalewski style.

El dia de la final de football en Melbourne, generalmente significa calles sin trafico para andar en bici todo el camino hasta Port Melbourne. Es re lindo porque no hay nadie en ningun lado y es super relajante. Desgraciadamente el clima arruino todo con un viento fuertisimo que doblaba las palmeras de mi jardin mientras chiflaba fuerte y hacia volar todo a su paso. Yo trate de quedarme afuera probando las condiciones para ver si iba a bancarme una vuelta en bici en esas circunstancias. Limpie mi porch, pode las plantintas, barri y decide que no era una buena idea ir a pelear en contra del viento y la lluvia. Asique nos fuimos a Fitzroy por la autopista vacia escuchando a Anton tocar "The Final Countdown" una y otra y otra vez en el ukelele,solo para molestar. Estacionamos donde quisimos y nos tomamos un cafe en un cafe vacio. En el camino de vuelta yo no podia de cantar The Final Coundown una y otra vez en mi cabeza (gracias Anton). Despues volvimos, hicimos pizza y recibimos a Andrea y los chicos para la cena. Ahora hay que esperar otro ano mas de fines de semana de football para poder disfrutar otra final mas, al estilo Zalewski.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

20 years old!

Unbelievable, my son is 20 years old. The same age I was when I migrated to Australia on my own to meet the love of my life. I was thinking of this when we were waiting for a burger at Grilled and I was watching him doodle on an empty page of a book . It is so strange how things happen so differently for people and how our lives change in the blink of an eye. I am thinking of this more often and it is good, I think, because I am learning to value special moments like this a lot more than I used to. I am so happy that we are still able to do things together and enjoy them. Anton is such a lovely person. I can't be more proud of him, he is so grounded and has such a good heart. It is really nice when can have talks about life over a cup of coffee and we learn more about the way he thinks, the things he is enjoying and where he is heading. We spent the day together doing things we like, walking around, eating, drinking and buying things. At night when we came home he blew the candles, we ate a slice of cake and ended the day happily. As he went to bed I remembered other birthdays, the day he was born and thought about how quickly life goes by. Happy Birthday Anton. I love you so much!

Increible,mi hijo ya tiene 20 anos. La misma edad que yo era cuando emigre a Australia sola, para encontrarme con el amor de mi vida. Pense en esto mientras esperabamos las hamburguesas en Grilled y lo miraba dibujar sobre un cuaderno. Es tan raro como cosas tan diferentes le pasan a las personas y que tan rapido nuestras vidas pueden cambiar. Pienso en esto mas seguido ultimamente y es bueno, me parece, porque estoy aprendiendo a valorar pequenos momentitos como este mucho mas de lo que solia hacer. Me pone tan feliz que todavia podamos hacer cosas como estas juntos y disfrutarlas. Anton es una persona tan linda. No puedo estar mas orgullosa de el, tiene los pies tan en la tierra y tiene un gran corazon. Es re lindo cuando podemos hablar de cosas serias en la vida sobre una taza de cafe y aprendemos mas de el, de lo que piensa, de lo que le gusta hacer y hacia donde se esta encaminando. Pasamos el dia juntos haciendo cosas que nos gustan, caminando, mirando cosas, comiendo, bebiendo y comprando boludeces. A la noche cuando llegamos a casa soplo las velitas, comimos torta y terminamos el dia felizmente. Cuando se iba a la cama yo recordaba otros cumpleanos, el dia que nacio y pense que rapido que se va la vida. Feliz Cumple Anton, Te amo tanto!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bike Ride Returns

It felt great to be back on the bike cycling our way around Melbourne in search of the ultimate finish line "the water". I was quite impressed with my fitness level, considering I have not been on the bike for months (perhaps even more than a year). It helped that I have been going to the gym for the past 3 weeks I guess. It was just the perfect day for it, warm, sunny and with two weeks of holidays ahead of us. I loved feeling the cold breeze once we arrived in Port Melbourne. The bay seemed serene, I could feel the breeze going in and out of my clothes cooling my body and mind. I loved the ride, loved the city, the coffee and the great feeling that this could be the beginning of a new bicycle era.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

80's Party

I realised that I forgot to put these photos from the 80's party we had in August. It was so much fun! The best part was finding the bits and pieces that made the costume. I can't believe how much like I used to look like I looked! I can't believe I used to do my hair like that every day, no wonder the ozone layer is depleted.
Sorry world!
Ric got into the spirit, buying his whole outfit the afternoon of the party at Dangerfield outlet in Fitzroy for 50 bucks! I have never seen Ric dance so much! Thanks to Karen for the invite. I hope you had a great night too.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

What a busy weekend this was...Fitzroy on Saturday, cinema Saturday night, and all day city walk about on Sunday afternoon for Fathers Day. We had an expresso coffee and alfajor at San Telmo restaurant in the city, had dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant and now I am aching all over and ready for bed.
Something I love is that Melbourne buses have free wi-fi now, what a modern thing!