Monday, January 28, 2013

Fitzroy Chips

Saturday afternoon in Fitzroy has turned into our favourite outing at the moment. Hot chips at Grill'd are the best to be had. They put oregano on them and they taste divine, crunchy and very hot. The burgers are awesome too but they contain beef, of course, so we try to stay away from them as much as possible and when we are desperate for one or can't resist the tempting smell, we order a veggie one. To add to the outing we look at books, records and bargains. Of course we also check out the cool stores all along Brunswick Street and if we manage to get there early enough, a trip to Casa Iberica on Johnston Street completes the package with the now acquirable original "Dulce de Leche, Chimbote". The past Saturday was the last of the Summer Holiday, which has again gone in a flash and has been swallowed by a wave (as The Decemberists say). It is now time to embark on a new adventure in a new year, it is time to work hard again, to grow mentally, spirtually and in age and to go back on the diet.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Beach, Oh the Beach!

Our last day in Lorne was a coldish day suited for going on long walks. We walked a few km and went farther than we had gone other times along the beach. I remember when I was walking there on the sand I felt at ease and there was no other place I would rather be, nothing else I would rather do. 

En nuestro ultimo viaje a Lorne nos toco un dia fresco de esos que son especiales para caminar. Caminamos unos kilometros y fuimos mas lejos de lo que fuimos otras veces por la playa. Me acuerdo que mientras estaba ahi con los pies en la arena fresca me sentia tan comoda conmigo misma y senti que no habia nada en el mundo que quisiera estar haciendo mas que estar ahi, en ese lugar, caminando y mirando todo lo que me rodeaba.

The Ereskine River before it meets the sea.
 El rio Ereskine antes de  que encuentre el mar.

Este es un dispensador de bolsitas de residuos para la caquita de los perros.

Este Magpie estaba admirando la vista.
The magpie admiring the view.

On the way back we walked along the road and found these wildberries, there were thousands of them ready to be eaten. We did ate a few, they were delicious. I imagine how good it would feel if you didn't have any food or water and were lost somewhere to find a bunch of bushes like this one. After we went to this cafe to have something warm and found little alfajores to go with our coffee. They looked delicious but were kind of tasteless.

Volvimos de nuestra caminata por la ruta y encontramos arbustos llenos de estas frambuesas salvajes, estaban riquisimas. Me imagine que lindo seria encontrarte con esta sorpresa si estuvieras perdido sin comida ni agua...Cuando llegamos de la caminata fuimos a este cafe a tomar algo calentito y encontramos alfajorcitos. Se veian riquisimos pero no tenian gusto a nada.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finally Rowing

All summer I've been wanting to try rowing at the Yarra and it finally happened on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and despite the crowded picnic area the river showed as peaceful as I imagined. Will write more about this experience later...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dulce de Leche con sal at Jauja

A nice after dinner dessert at Helados Jauja in Carlton. Dulce de Leche con Sal or Salty Caramel is delicious, everyone should try them and enjoy the Argentinean delight.

Un rico postre para despues de la cena en Helados Jauja en Carlton. Todos deberian probar dulce de leche con sal y disfrutar de la delicia Argentina.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fed Square Live

Last night we went to Federation Square to watch a live band play for free as a series of live events during the summer. The band's name was The Eagle and the Worm, it sounded well, I liked that it was a nine piece band with wind instruments and all. I had a beer as this face reveals.

Another Day at the Beach

Last Monday we travelled to the beach again, this time Anton came with us, so it was another family outing of which we really took advantage of, since there are less and less as Anton grows older.

El lunes pasado fuimos a la playa otra vez, esta vez Anton vino con nosotros, lo cual es algo que apreciamos muchisimo, ya que a medida que Anton crece las salidas familiares menguan.

The day was stunning and only a little bit windy on the beach at first. Lorne was half empty or half full, however you prefer although in this particular case I feel that "half empty" IS being optimistic, so it felt so much better than the last time we were there.

El dia estaba hermoso, solo un poquito ventoso en la playa al principio. Lorne estaba medio vacio o medio lleno, como sea que prefieran verlo aunque en este caso en particular, "medio vacio" es optimista.

Anton and Ric went for a long bush walk to the top of Ereskine Falls whilst I stayed at the beach and started my new book "The Lifeboat" by Charlotte Rogan. Great book by the way, I can't put it down. I read half of in that afternoon as I sun-baked over my old beach towel. I swam in the not so cold ocean and fought against some waves. I love the feeling of dizziness I get once I come out of the ocean and lay down on my towel to dry. The first two or three minutes I feel really dizzy, like the sensation of the water around my body swaying me back and forth remains with me long after I walked out the water. It's really awesome, it particularly happens when there are lots of waves.

Anton y Ricky se fueron a hacer una caminata hasta las Ereskine Falls mientras yo me quede en la playa a empezar mi nuevo libro "The Lifeboat" de Charlotte Rogan (Bote Salvavidas????). Un fantastico libro de paso comento, de esos que no se pueden dejar. Lei medio libro solo en esa tarde mientras tomaba un poco de sol sobre mi viejita toalla playera. Nade un poco en mar que no estaba tan fria y me revolque con algunas olas. Me encanta el mareo que siento cuando salgo del agua y me acuesto sobre la toalla a secarme. Los dos o tres primeros minutos apenas salgo del agua y me acuesto estoy super mareada, como si la sensacion de estar siendo movida por el agua y las olas permaneciera conmigo por un buen tiempo despues de salir del agua. Esta buensimo, pasa mas cuando hay muchas olas.

Two and a half hours later I drove to Ereskine Falls to pick the boys up and found Ric with a huge cut on his head and blood dripping on the side of his head...he just walked into a branch as he skip from one stone to the other.

A las dos horas y media me fui a buscar a los muchachos a Ereskine (9km hacia arriba) en el auto. Cuando llegue me encontre con que Ricky tenia un tajo en la cabeza y sangre chorreando por el lado de su asuste pensando que se habia caido, pero fue simplemente una rama que se trago mientras trataba de saltar de una piedra a la otra.

After showering we had some dinner and a picnic coffee in the picnic area overlooking the sea. It was such a perfect ending for such a perfect day.

Despues de banarnos cenamos y nos hicimos un cafecito en el area de picnic mirando el mar. Fue una culminacion perfecta para un perfecto dia.