Friday, November 18, 2011

New Job (now censored by the author)

Very excited about my new job for 2012. After weeks of excruciating applications and interviews finally got appointed at Beverley Hills Primary School in East Doncaster, a small but highly academic school in Victoria, where people are lovely.

These past weeks have been awful. I don't know what the process is in other countries or places or jobs, but trying to get a teaching position is a long, tedious and morally crashing exercise. As an applicant you have to contend with writing 5 pages long applications that probably don't get read and sit for interviews (if your are lucky to get one). I am glad it is over now and I can turn the page.

Anyway, I will miss the children and the parents who supported me and encouraged me during this difficult time, a couple of people and ...that's about it. Now to look ahead, to think about next year, my room, my future students and my planning. I am so excited and I won't lie kind of terrified.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Finally after so much hard work, so many hours in front of the computer, so many readings, listening to lectures, typing, researching, writing, editing, posting, thinking, planning and studying I have completed my Bachelor in Education degree and I will be graduating on the 17 th December in a ceremony held in Launceston, Tasmania. I also have the pleasure of graduating before other people who started with me and have tried lying and cheating their way through. It is a victory not only to hard work but to honesty. So if I say so myself, congratulations!

Lorne Trip

Last weekend we took a trip to Lorne to celebrate the first hot day. It was so beautiful down there. Sitting in the sand if felt like a hot Summer day. I even had a swim in the cool but always refreshing and crystalline water. It was too cold at first, but I pushed in and tried thinking of all those assignments, late nights, online posts, Summer school, lack of sleep and with every thought I found myself deeper into the ocean, washing away all the struggle and sacrifice. After a while it didn't feel cold any more and I swayed up and down with the waves, feeling for the first time the full weight of my achievement.

El fin de semana pasado fuimos a Lorne para celebrar el primer dia caluroso. Estuvo tan lindo ahi. Sentada en la arena me senti como en un dia de verano. Incluso me meti al helado pero siempre refrescante y cristalino oceano. Estaba re frio al principio, pero igual yo perisisti. Con cada paso pensaba en todos esos trabajos que tuve que escribir, las noches tardias, los post online, universidad en verano, falta de sueno y con cada pensamiento me encontraba mas adentro del mar, lavandome de todo ese esfuerzo y sacrificio. Despues de un rato el agua no se sentia mas fria y flotaba de arriba a abajo con las olas, sientiendo por primera vez el peso real de mi logro.

Welcome Lorenzo

Look at Simona's sweet happy face looking over her newborn baby brother Lorenzo. I think this image summarises the word wonder. I simply adore this photo for many reasons. First because a baby in the family always brings so much joy and hope. Secondly because I just think it is a beautiful image of Simona, an expression that it's captured forever and thirdly because my older niece Sofi is holding the baby and for the first time I see her so grown up. I remember when she was that tiny too. Only Indiana is missing here to complete the photo.
My nephew was born on the 2nd of November 2011, he is gorgeous, healthy and very good for what I hear. I can't wait to meet him in person. I love you all!

Miren la carita de Simona mirando a su hermanito recien nacido, Lorenzo. Creo que esta imagen simboliza la palabra "curiosidad". Simplemente adoro esta foto por muchas razones. Primero porque un bebe en la familia siempre trae tanta alegria y esperanzas. Segundo porque creo que es una imagen hermosa de mi sobrina Simona, esa expresion de curiosidad y alegria para siempre estampada en la camara y tercero, porque mi sobrina Sofi es la que esta sosteniendo al bebe y por primera vez la veo tan crecida. Todavia recuerdo imagenes de ella asi de pequenita. Solo falta Indiana en la foto para completarla.
My sobrino nacio el 2do de Noviembre del 2001, es adorable, saludable y muy buenito por lo que escucho. No veo la hora de conocerlo en persona. Los amo!