Friday, December 26, 2014

The Return of the Blogger

Hello my old blog. I have missed you. I have been in a nebula of thoughts and swirls of laziness. I have decided to start writing again. It is not such a difficult thing once I get started. This year seems to have gone so fast and it has been so busy that I can seldom recall moments of boredom or free time. But I also know that everything is but an excuse to lack of discipline and organisation, of which I am still a victim of.
Christmas have passed, we spent it at home, just the 3 of us enjoying our small but tight family group. Much love surrounded our celebration and much food too. I cooked for what it seemed a family of 20. Got up at 8 to hit the shops early before the waves of people washed the car parks and started cooking at 10. Non stop I chopped, mixed, baked, fried, stirred, washed and sprinkled until 5 pm, when exhausted I laid in bed to close my eyes for 15 minutes before showering and getting dressed for the occasion.
For the first time in the history of this Argentinean family we served a vegetarian menu. So I can proudly say that no animals were harmed for the creation of our Christmas banquet, except for the tuna. Sorry about that little fish. We will try to do without you next time. One thing at a time. Here are a few photos of our banquet, including entrees and some of the desserts.

Hola mi viejo blog. Te he extranado. He estado en una nebula de pensamientos y revoltijos de vagancia para escribir. Pero ahora he decidido comenzar otra vez. No es algo tan dificil una vez que se empieza. Este ano parece haberse ido tan rapido y fue tan atareado que casi no recuerdo momentos de aburrimiento o de tiempo libre. Asi y todo se que casi todo es una excusa para mi falta de disciplina y organizacion de la cual soy aun una victima.
Navidad paso, lo pasamos en casa, solo los tres disfrutando de nuestro pequeno pero cercano grupo familiar. Mucho amor rodeo nuestra celebracion y mucha comida tambien. Cocine para lo que parecia ser una familia de 20. Me levante a las 8 de la manana para ir temprano a comprar antes de que las olas de gente lavaran los estacionamientos y empeze a cocinar a las 10. No pare de cortar, picar, mezclar, hornear, fritar, revolver, lavar y decorar hasta las 5 pm, cuando exhausta me tire en la cama por 15 minutos antes de banarme y vestirme para la ocasion. 
Por primera vez en la historia de esta familia Argentina servimos un menu vegetariano. Asique puedo decir con orgullo que no animales fueron sacrificados para la creacion de este banquete navideno, excepto por el atun. Perdon por eso pescadito. Tratare el ano que viene de arreglarmela sin vos. De a poco, una cosa por vez. Aca hay algunas fotos de nuestro banquete, incluyendo las entradas y algunos de los postres. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Writer's block?

Well...finally I logged on again and will be updating this blog...perhaps these few months that have been mysteriously unreported will always be like a hole in my memory. I have already forgotten what I did all this time. It feels like I have been so busy that I didn't really have time to reflect. But that is not entirely true. There is always time to reflect. During these months, I started a new year at work and I have moved house. I guess those are the two major events. Will be posting photos soon. Going to work now. Today I'm catching the bus and doing my bit for the environment.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Last Day

The last day in Peterborough was perfect. In the morning we went to a country town called Timboon. We didn't spend a lot of time there or did a lot of things, but the vibe we got was a good one. It had a few blocks of shops and a nice park by the creek. We went to its famous distillery and cafe and had a delicious lemon meringue piece of cake and a freshly baked muffin. It was the best muffin I have ever had. In the afternoon we went to the beautiful Massacre Bay and read our books, swam in the beautiful waters and saw another beautiful sunset. All in the company of three people that came to do some fishing and kayaking and the two sting-rays that apparently live here.

Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell and More

Standing in front of the London Bridge...a dwarfing experience!

This photograph shows a drawing of what the London Bridge used to be like before its collapse in 1990. The part that remains was were the two stranded tourists were standing when it happened.

This is the main Peterborough Beach (the sandy part). There was a family of 5 and me at the beach in the morning.

The Curdies River at sunset. Such a calming experience, sitting here and observing the pelicans and birds searching for their dinner. 

This was a minature frog that entered our home one evening. It was about 3 cm long, very cute but of course was a bit scared of the camera, so after a few shots we set him free.

At Port Campbell beach after a morning swim.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Massacre Bay and Bay of Islands

The name doesn't seem fitting for this amazingly beautiful spot. This area is simply one of the most beautiful places I have seen. As you drive on the Great Ocean Road you come across a number of small parking entrances that are unmarked and seem insignificant, but when you walk towards the ocean you are suddenly surprised beyond expectations by the view. Amazing little coves and lonely beaches, some only accessible at low tide. This place, where we chose to sit and wait for the sunset, was almost desolated. Two people were snorkeling and then it was us.