Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well it all seems so faraway now and I feel like I can finally breathe a little better. The exhbition was a success today, all the photos were on the wall ready to be seen, to communicate, to express a whole lot of different moods and stories. It was a team effort and one that I feel proud to have been a part of. I am very proud of the students and all their work and effort and I am also proud of myself for seeing this right through the end. It makes me really happy to be able to share what I know with a whole group of young people who now possess the basic understanding of seeing life through the lens of a camera. Well done!

Bueno finalmente el gran dia paso y puedo respirar un poquito mejor. La exhibicion fue un exito, todas las fotos estaban colgadas y listas para ser exploradas, para comunicar, para expresar un monton de ondas y de historias diferentes. Fue un ezfuerzo de grupo y uno del que me siento orgullosa de haber formado parte. Estoy muy orgullosa tambien de los alumnos y de todo el trabajo y esfuerzo que pusieron. Tambien estoy orgullosa de mi misma por haber llevado esto hasta el fin. Me hace muy feliz podes transmitir mi conocimiento y compartiro con un grupo de gente joven quien ahora posee una nueva habilidad: la de ver la vida a traves del lente de una camera.
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Patrick said...

It was great show Alejandra. Well done. I think that you have created a headache for some parents in regards to some of the students now wanting expensive cameras for a Christmas present though!

Ale said...

Yeah but at least they know what to buy...