Sunday, June 14, 2009

To kill the Sunday blues

Weird day this Sunday. Weird weekend altogether. Nothing that a bike ride to the bay can't cure, especially when the view is like this, calm and moody. Yesterday night after dinner we decided to go see Terminator Salvation. So we did the dishes, tidy ourselves up and jumped in the car. It is a 5 minute drive to the cinemas at the new and improved?? Doncaster Shoppingtown. Well, I know Shoppingtown is new but as to improved I have my DOUBTS! It was a nightmare to find parking and so we should have known that the nightmare didn't end there, it was much worst inside. A queue of a million people was lined up to buy tickets and another million was roaming around there rubbing everybody's arms and backs. We walked out and drove home totally frustrated. So I guess Terminator will have to wait for us for one more week.

Ayer tuvimos la intencion de ver Terminator Salvation pero cuando llegamos al cine era un kilombo de gente tan grande que nos dio asco, asique nos volvimos a casa y miramos viejos episodios de Star Trek on tv y una pelicula malisima, creo que Portuguesa pero hablada en inlges, un desastre total. Hoy nos fuimos a la bahia en bici, el dia estuvo bastante pasable, no mucho frio, y algo de sol que asomaba aqui y alla. Tomamos un cafe en la city, al lado del Yarra, miramos la market un poquito y volvimos. Fue raro volver y que sea Domingo, normalmente es sabado cuando volvemos y todavia queda gran parte del finde para disfrutar. No importa en dos semanas mas empiezan las vacaciones de invierno.
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