Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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This must be the 7th time I watch the whole series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and although the show has started to show the passage of time, especially in regards to special effects, it is still one of the  best shows I have ever seen. Of course we owe it all to Joss Whedon creator of the series, who has always proven to be one of the smartest people in television and cinema. Joss is actually working on a series called Dollhouse, which I have been watching attentivelly trying to pre-empt how it is going to develop, but Dollhouse is subject for another entry. Today I just wanted to talk about Buffy. If you haven't seen it the premise is this: in every generation there is a slayer, she alone can stand against evil and the forces of darkness. One girl is born with the power to fight evil (especially vampires) and she does it until she dies. When she dies another slayer is 'born'. Of course she doesn't know she is the slayer until she comes to be in effect and here is where the story of Buffy begins. She moves to Sunnydale to a new school because where she was before (L.A) she was kicked out of school. No one can know about Buffy's deeds, because being the slayer is a secret duty. At her new school she meets her watcher, Giles, who helps her and trains her. She also meets friends Xander and Willow, who in turn learn of Buffy's abilities and help her in her fight against evil.
What is great about Buffy is Joss Whedon's witty and well developed stories and characters. They grow with the show to become really complex and very unique. The evil vampires and nemesis also grow and become intricate characters who make the series the special series that they are. They are full of pop culture references and humour. Buffy is great in so many levels and there are episodes that stand out because of their unexpected reality.
Anyway I just finished watching the series again, one episode a day sort of thing with Anton while we had afternoon tea after school and I enjoyed every minute of it. Recommend you watch it. It is one of those things you can't leave this earth without.

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