Monday, December 5, 2011


Another city walk on Friday night. After a long week Ric and I took the bus to Southern Cross Station and walked to Docklands. The excuse was to feed Andrea's cats (as she was in Darwin), but it was a fantastic way to end another tiring week. The sunset added an extra warmth to the evening. The air was fresh and crisp and people were partying everywhere...end of year celebrations. Music and people in high heels adorned the cityscape. In the distance I could hear the holidays calling for me.

Otra caminata larga el viernes. Despues de una semana larga Ricky y yo tomamos el bus hasta la city y caminamos hasta Docklands. La excusa fue ir a darle de comer a los gatos de Andrea pero fue una forma fantastica de terminar otra semana. El atardercer le dio extra calidez a la tarde. El aire estaba fresco y la gente celebraba por todos lados...el fin de ano esta tan cerca! Musica y gente en tacos altos adornaban la cuidad. En la distancia yo podia escuchar las vacaciones llamandome.


Anonymous said...

Wow Ale, What beautiful amazing photos.I can't believe you walked so far... well done,what a fabulous way to keep fit. such lovely views & sights along the way.xx Tonia

Alejandra Zalewski said...

Yes Tonia, I can't believe it either! I am planning to do it more often during the holidays....the kilos are bound to start dropping, aren't they?