Thursday, July 2, 2009


Warnambool was the first town we stopped on our way back. Everything that Port Fairy lacked in cosmopolitalism, Warrnambool had. We parked at the back of the shops in the main road (mind you it wasn't free parking!) and walked for a block. We went into a music store and found a dvd of Jeff Buckley for $10. As Ric was paying for it I laughed my head off looking at the vast and amazing collection of Iron Maiden cd's. What a laugh! we also bought some pink lady apples and went on our merry way to find the beach. Nice, but seen better. Anton run around the beach vegetation areas and used up some of his bottled up energy.

Warrnanmbool fue la primer parada en el camino de vuelta. Todo lo que a Port Fairy le faltaba en ciudad cosmopolita, Warrnambool lo tenia. Cuadras de negocios abiertos y gente y trafico. Paramos y caminamos un poco, nos metimos en una disqueria y para nuestra sorpresa conseguimos un dvd de Jeff Buckley for $10 entre un mar de cds de Iron Maiden, que risa que me dio...muy heavy metal la onda del lugar. Tambien compramos manzanas y nos encaminamos a ver la playa. Linda pero nada especial. Anton corrio por la vegetacion playera descargando algo de su energia.

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