Sunday, July 5, 2009

Apollo Bay

I am taking way too long to finish this trip's tale, perhaps it is a psychological tool I am using to make it last is the rest of it.
Apollo Bay is a town located on the Great Ocean Road. It is really beautiful and welcoming. On one side is the beautiful blue ocean on the other there's green manicured hills. The scenery is very relaxing. The town is quite significant. There are many interesting shops along the main road and there is that special thing that we didn't find in Port Fairy. I don't know how to describe it but it is an essential ingredient that makes a place special in some way. Apollo Bay has a soul.

Apollo Bay es un pueblito situado en la Gran Ruta Oceanica. Es hermoso. Por un lado esta el mar azul, por el otro las lomas verdes. El piasaje es inductivo a la relajacion. El pueblito es chiquito pero muy lindo, tiene muchos negocios interesantes y tiene ese elemento que hace al pueblito especial, tal vez sea el 'alma'. Aca pasamos la segunda noche.

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