Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sneezing is not a good look!

Here we are again. It's been a week since my last post. I have been so busy! I started uni last Monday and as a result started with the stress and impossibly miniscule amounts of free time. That is ok. One day it will be over and I will be proud of my achievement. In the meantime I sit tight, try my best and enjoy the weekends (especially those not too close to assignments due dates) because I can take a few hours off my busy schedule to enjoy the weekly ride to Port Melbourne. Today we stopped at Southbank and ate some chips. Big mistake. I rode back with the feeling that I was going to throw up at any moment, especially when going uphill. My energy levels are way to low for such a long ride....tomorrow I will sleep in and then study!
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Jack said...

ha ha ha..Looks like a sadistic father forcing his son to do long rides and the son sobbing "please dad lets go home uaaa"
Nice ride, and yes I always avoid diggesting while riding :)

vale said...

Anton estaab estornudando? o era cara de poto... jeje

Happy Family said...

Mano de fotógrafa.... el disparo en el instante exacto. Muy atenta Ale, señales de una buena fotógrafa.
Anton, para tu próximo cumpleaños te mandamos de regalo un casco como la gente. Ese que tenes parece de telgopor. UN DESASTRE chabon!