Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hot Bushwalk at Lorne

You can call us crazy, but going for a bushwalk in a near 40 degree day made us feel cooler than expected. We decided to take the curvaceous road to Lorne this Saturday to escape the Melbourne heat and to have a relaxing weekend. Instead of sitting at the beach, in the very hot sand though, we drove a little further and stopped at this amazing place around the corner from Lorne, parked our car and entered this path for a 5 km walk. At first it was really hot, the strong sun kept burning and the trees didn't provide enough shade for a respite, but later on as we walked deeper into the bush, we found that the foliage grew thicker and provided more shelter from the sweltering temperatures. The path was quite easy, not too steep and snake free (I kept keeping an eye for). I sweated like a pig but the reward of going for a swim in the cool blue waters of Lorne after the walk was too great. I enjoyed the day immensely.

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