Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winter Lorne

After a few weekends deliberating if the weather was nice enough to go to Lorne, this Saturday we made up our minds and decided to go. When we got up the morning presented itself nice enough. Cold, but not extremely and dry. The sun kept creeping out behind the clouds so it looked like a good day to go. There was nothing much to prepare since we were not going to sunbake, surf or sit at the beach, just a few jumpers, camera and wallets. We left at about 10 O'clock and drove through the city. Not very smart. Traffic was horrendous in Alexandra Parade, but we managed to get through it without too much stress knowing that on the other side paradise was waiting.
The trip was nice, we listened to the new album from Laura Veirs "July Flames". It is such a beautiful album, sweet and reminiscent of Summer. The trip was quick, I suppose there is less traffic going to the Ocean Road in Winter. I would have liked a bit more sunshine, especially when we hit the ocean, because I love when the sun brings out the blues and turquoises of the sea, however yesterday the sun hid and the ocean looked pale, messy and cold.
Just after Urquhart Bluff it started to spit. The wipers pushed the water out of the windscreen as we slowed down in the curvy mountainous path and we emerged on the other side, just a few minutes from Lorne, in full rain.
We walked to the beach cafe to have a warm cuppa, but after making our way through the puddles it was "closed for a private function", so we stood there for a while waiting for the pouring rain to stop so we could at least walk back to the car. Whilst there, we watched a few surfers that dare the cold to surf what were perfect waves, clean, curly and big. There was nothing else to do that eat and shop. So we started with a cappuccino and pastry in a really cool place underneath the backpackers hotel. The whole menu was in Spanish! Once our tummies were warm we strolled down to the shops and looked at everything! We bought a couple of things, then had fish and chips of course. Where else do fish and chips taste better than at the beach. Just after that the rain stopped and we made our way to pier, it was very cold then but at least the sun was out, just before we started to come back.


Brittany said...

It seems you are having a good time. Winter in the Argenitne beaches is not the most "warm" thing to put it in that way, but it can be nice since you can sit staring at the sea for hours, and you never get enough.
Last year in my visit to Argentina, I stayed two weeks in the buenos aires apartment I had and then headed to the beaches. They are like small towns in the winter and most shops are closed, you can have a nice time while being there.

Alejandra Zalewski said...

Hi Brittany

I know the beaches in Argentina, at least the ones in the coast of Buenos Aires. Except for Mar del Plata which is a big town, the others just look like ghost towns outside of the Summer season. Those little town are too built up for my taste anyway. Thanks for your comment. Where are you from?

vale said...

Que lindas fotos! te digo que se ve lindo el lugar lluvioso igual...
y da friooooooo

vale said...

Que ricos esos bastones de papas fritas! mmmmmmm quiero unas mojadas en ketchup.