Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bite it!

I had to bite one to prove that they were real chocolates. I had them this cold October afternoon at Chocolatte on Bourke Road. Ric and I went on our own, Anton had a bbq with friends Luke and Nick. It was weird going without him, it made me think of one day, possibly not too far down the road when Anton will not live with us anymore. Everything will be so different, we will have to make so many adjustments and quite frankly I prefer if that day is not near...anyway the chocolates were really cute and nice and we looked at books at Borders for longer than usual, because we didn't have a bored teenager that hurried us along. By the way, I am reading an interesting book called "Mobius Dick" by Andrew Crumey. Ricardo bought it in a used book store and I started reading after finishing Dexter and uni. It is really an interesting idea and it is written in a gripping way. I will tell more as the story unfolds.
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vale said...

Parecen de mentira, que lindos!
Que lindo que hayan podido salir solos y que loco lo que sentis, un tanto adelantada, de imaginar una vida tan distinta el dia en que Anton viva sin ustedes, es loquisimo...