Monday, December 29, 2008

Visiting Andrea's House

Today we visited Andrea's house. When we arrived she wasn't home so Luca opened the door and in we came. I took some photos of myself around the house while the kids played with 'Guitar Hero'. Then Alan came to see what I was doing, because he is a really good host and I grabbed him for a photo, but the camera was on a timer and before it released the shutter the other two monsters came out of the cave and added themselves to the picture! It couldn't have worked better if I had planned it!
Andrea and I had some mates and we took Tara outside for a little walk while I stole some lemons from the tree. I love lemons!
Richard came in and we had more mates (the drink, not friends) and we had a chat and then Richard started cooking. Time to go home. Another day I'll try his cooking I wasn't feeling quite that brave today...he he he...just kidding! Also next time I'll bring my cats to see their mother and sister and see if they still get along. As Horacio said 'they have to remember their mother....come on es la madre!'
I nearly forgot: please check this link
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alan said...

its alan nice blog and photos

andrea said...

Thanks Ale for your company, it was very nice having you!
Lemons!! Well I have a tree full of them, next time you may also take with you some of my Plums!!.
Lov! Andrea