Sunday, September 1, 2013

Father's Day and Spring in Melbourne

Today is the first day of Spring in Melbourne and to celebrate the beautiful weather, the mower rattled over the weeds and white little flowers in the yard and left the lawns looking green and fresh. The aroma of freshly cut grass refreshed the house and left me feeling energised.
After gardening it was time to go out into town and celebrate Father's Day. Lots on interesting things happened, the most notorious was walking by this street performer who upon seeing us asked Ric if he knew something about computers...the poor guy had to troubleshoot even on his day off. Hilarious!!
Loved seeing these locks on the bridge...I had this thought that it would be a collection of secrets, but upon inspecting them up close I noticed that everyone of them has a couple's name on it...I guess the idea being that once is there and you throw the key in the water, the love stays there forever..kind of romantic.

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