Saturday, July 16, 2011

A trip through the moss: Ereskine Trail (Lorne, VIC)

Today Ric and I went to Lorne for a different kind of trip...we went with the intention of starting the Ereskine Trail Walk (part of the Otway National Park) that runs from the center of town 8 km uphill to the Ereskine Falls. The idea was to take it easy and walk 1 hour uphill and 1 hour down.
The path was beautiful and so different from the other paths that we did in NSW. The vegetation was rain-forest and everything was wet, so wet! There was moss growing everywhere, ferns and mud puddles to walk over. It was great fun and we ended up walking 2 and 1/2 hrs uphill and it took us a little less than one hour to come down. I was so tired after the 2 and 1/2 hrs walk than I was laughing at everything. It is quite a strange brain chemistry of mine but when I am really really tired I laugh at anything and can't stop.

Hoy Ricky y yo fuimos a Lorne con la intencion de empezar la caminata del Ereskine Trail (que es parte del Otway Parque Nacional). La caminata empieza en el centro del pueblo y sube 8 km hasta las cataratitas. La idea era tomarselo con calma y subir una hora y despues pegar la vuelta y bajar. Hay que empezarla de a poquito.
El camino no era muy dificil pero si resbaladizo porque todo estaba mojadisimo y la vegetacion es asi de selva llena de helechos y musgo y charcos de barro para cruzar. La pasamos re bien y terminamos caminando una hora y media para arriba antes de pegar la vuelta que nos llevo menos de una hora. Estaba tan cansada cuando volvimos que me reia de todo. Es algo que me pasa a mi en el cerebro que cuando estoy super cansada me rio de todo y no puedo parar.

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Anonymous said...

Ale you always laugh at everything. That's one of the things I love about you