Sunday, October 10, 2010

Completely burnt out

I cried a couple of hours ago. I cried out of tiredness from spending the whole weekend studying. I know am close to the end. I know it's only this set of 3 assignments and then is free time for quite a few weeks, but after spending the whole day in front of the computer, with a sore back, tight neck and a completely burnt out brain I realised that what I wrote today may have to be re-written. In light of a professional discussion with a fellow student I had to face the fact that being 100 words from the end I would have to consider spending a couple of extra hours today and more during the week to edit, check and re-write. I couldn't handle it. I walked out to the backyard and cried aloud, wanting to pull my hair out. A little calmer now I'm drinking a cup of tea and I am resigned to go over it all during the week. Friday is cut off day and then I swear I would have a drink. A big drink.

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