Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peterborough and Surroundings Expedition

The main beach of Peterborough has two parts...on one side of the Curdies River there is the rocks area, where there are many rock formations with rock pools. I don't really like to swim there cause when I tried it I hurt my feet. But I sat there and read my book and picked up some nice looking shells.
On the other side of the river there is the long beach with light coloured sand and waves and sand dunes. Beautiful but has to be accessed on the other side of the river, which I did a later stage and killed myself trying to climb the dunes at noon with 40 degrees. My feet would sink into the hot sand and get stuck with my thongs flying in opposite was a funny but hot experience. Adding to that the sand flies that bit me everywhere. But despite that little misfortune I have to say that the beach is perfect...nobody around, and sand and blue water as far as the eye can see. I really enjoyed the sea and the beach that morning.

This is the view from our unit's deck.

There were the first places we visited on the day of our arrival. Stunning views and practically desolated. Tourists drive, park, take pictures, get back on their cars and drive away. No many people stays in this area and I just find it strange. Not that I mind because there is nothing worse that a crowded beach in the summer. I think we might have found the perfect spot for a Zalewski style holiday.

These photos avobe are of Port Campbell. A few more people there, since there is at least a block of shops and cafes. The bay there is stunning with a huge wall-like rock on one side and the pier on the other. The water is a bit cold but swimming there was something out of a dream. The other two times we were here was Winter so I always wondered what would it be like to swim there.

Then we stopped and saw the London Bridge. An awe striking place. The half that remains sits there surrounded by light blue-greenish waters. When the waves curl and just before they break they give you the gift of their colour. It only last a few seconds before they violently break into white foam. The London Bridge used to have a second arch connecting it to the mainland, but in 1990 it collapsed. Fortunately nobody got hurt but two people were stranded in the part that still remains and had to be rescued by helicopter.

These images above are of a place called The Grotto. We had to descend many, many steps to see this up close, but it was worth it. The beauty of this place is indescribable and the water sits so still there...but behind and below lies the fury of the ocean. I wouldn't want to be there when it strikes.

Peterborough main beach and dunes...gorgeous!

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