Monday, April 26, 2010

I saw the light

It's so nice to have a long weekend. Three days is the ideal number of days a weekend should have. One day for the chores, one day for study or work prep, one day for full enjoyment. Not that my 3 day weekend went like that. I spend most of the three days studying and catching up with work that has been left behind. It was nice knowing that I still had more time to do the fun stuff or to take a brake and not be worried that time was running out.
Today I finally was able to say: I have some time to spare so I rode to the city. This time I rode a lot more...trying to get fitter for my tour around Tasmania he he he. We have been watching this dvd of a guy who cycled the Americas. He started in Canada and ended in Argentina. So it has inspired us to travel to Tasmania on our bikes. That is take the Spirit of Tasmania to Davenport and then on our bikes around Tassy. It is for now only a plan...but who knows...perhaps one day.
Autumn is in full bloom, it is just beautiful and colourful...I know that soon the trees will be bare and I will be so happy that I enjoyed the process. Go out there and enjoy.

Es tan lindo tener un fin de semana largo. 3 dias es el numero ideal que todo fin de semana deberia tener. Un dia para tareas domesticas, otro dia para hacer algo de trabajo o estudio y un tercer dia para disfrutar de pie a cabeza. No que eso es lo que hice este fin de semana, ya que tuve que estudiar casi sin parar los tres dias para ponerme al tanto. Pero hoy tuve tiempo para andar en bici y fui hasta la city. Hoy estacione mas lejos para empezar mi entrenamiento para el tour alrededor de je je. Estamos mirando un dvd de un escoces que viajo en bici desde Canada hasta la punta de Argentina. Asique nos inspiro para viajar a Tasmania en el bote y de Davenport recorrer Tassy en bici. Por ahora es solo un plan....pero quien sabe?
Otono esta a su pico maximo, es tan hermoso y colorido...ya se que pronto los arboles van a estar desnudos y yo voy a estar feliz de que disfrute el proceso. Salgan y disfrutenlo.
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